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Her Lovely Heart: 4 Ways To Add Good Karma To Your Business
March 13 2015
I am a sucker for a positive affirmation, uplifting quotes (such as Her Lovely Heart’s Instaquotes), or a thought provoking phrase, a favourite of mine being ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’. I believe this is a golden rule that should be adhered to both personally and professionally.
Featured In Your London Weddding Magazine
March 6 2015
It's always an honor to have my work published and I'm delighted that Your London Wedding Magazine chose to feature a selection of images from Ursula and Tim's East meets West themed wedding in their March April issue.
Love Letter To A Bride …
February 28 2015
Inspired by the month of February in which we celebrate all things L.O.V.E I decided to write a love letter. A love letter intended to be given to a bride on the morning of her wedding day from her insightful wedding photographer ...
Friday’s Child Is Loving And Giving: 10 Books In 9 Weeks
February 27 2015
Continuing on from my post "Live life like everyday is your birthday" I have decided to write a monthly feature aptly called Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving (as I was born on a Friday). The aim of these posts will be to share with you other blog posts, articles, videos, books and quotes that I have discovered all based on a theme of self-love.