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Friday’s Child is Loving And Giving: You Were Born Perfect
May 29 2015
You were born perfect. Take that fact in. Say it to yourself, know it and believe it, because it is true. Between your birth and now you’ve learned a lot. You’ve put thoughts in your mind that have led you to action. However, some of those actions may have left you feeling that you're far from perfect.
Her Lovely Heart: Respect Your Hidden Power And Purpose
May 27 2015
One of my favourite Yogi Bhajan quotes is: "Show some respect for your hidden power. Awaken it!" By ‘power’ I believe he meant talent, gift, capability and expertise. In my opinion every single one of us has a hidden power, and it is this unique power that is the reason why we are here today – living on this world in this lifetime.
Inspirational Words From Vogue Festival
May 1 2015
As I mention on my About page, ever since I saw an editorial fashion story in Vogue I have been captivated by all things fashion. The magazine continues, till this day, to be an aspirational source of creativity for me.
Her Lovely Heart: Feeling The Fear And Doing It Anyway
April 30 2015
If the truth be told we are all one choice away from a new beginning. Every choice begins with an intention, your intentions create your thoughts, your thoughts create your choices, and your choices create your life. So if it is that simple why aren’t we all living in our dream world full of smart choices? FEAR! It is fear that encourages us to make the wrong choices.