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The Art Of Being Selfish
June 17 2015
Recently I've been exploring the meaning of the word selfish and today I'd like to share with you what I discovered...
Kathleen & Darren’s Wedding: The Girl Next Door
June 5 2015
While growing up, Kathleen literally was the girl next door for Darren. They lived on the same road, went to the same school and socialised within the same group of friends from the age of four. Even after they both moved away from home to go to separate Universities, they kept in contact and their paths continued to cross during holidays and celebrations which more often than not pivoted around the same close group of childhood friends.
Friday’s Child is Loving And Giving: You Were Born Perfect
May 29 2015
You were born perfect. Take that fact in. Say it to yourself, know it and believe it, because it is true. Between your birth and now you’ve learned a lot. You’ve put thoughts in your mind that have led you to action. However, some of those actions may have left you feeling that you're far from perfect.
Her Lovely Heart: Respect Your Hidden Power And Purpose
May 27 2015
One of my favourite Yogi Bhajan quotes is: "Show some respect for your hidden power. Awaken it!" By ‘power’ I believe he meant talent, gift, capability and expertise. In my opinion every single one of us has a hidden power, and it is this unique power that is the reason why we are here today – living on this world in this lifetime.