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Portraiture: Women Of The Wellness World
July 22 2016
What I love about photographing fellow female entrepreneurs is that not only do I get the chance to work my magic and make them look and feel like the best versions of themselves, I also get to learn about their fabulous businesses, all whilst creating imagery for their websites, promotional material and social media accounts. Today I would like to share with you the portraits and an introduction to three conscious business women who are shaping the future of the wellness world.
Isa-Welly Pilates Photoshoot Sponsored By Lululemon
July 15 2016
Isa-Welly is an all round mover and shaker, with a background in dance and a passion for health and vitality, she has become an amazing Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach. Not only that Welly, like myself, is fiercely passionate about helping people empower themselves and live life to its fullest. Therefore when it came to choosing the clothing for Welly's Pilates themed Fitness Photoshoot the obvious choice was Lululemon.
Personal Trainer Photoshoot At Repton Boxing Club
July 6 2016
James Davis is a successful Personal Trainer, who's love for boxing inspired the theme for his Fitness Photoshoot at the legendary Repton Boxing Club in Bethnal Green, London.
Marilyn Monroe Life Lessons
June 1 2016
With one of the most recognisable names and faces in the world, Norma Jeane Mortenson - better known as Marilyn Monroe - knew a thing or two about life. To celebrate her 90th birthday, I would like to share with you Marilyn Monroe's best lessons in love, beauty and being happy.