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Trash The Dress v’s Fashionista Bride
July 7 2014
It was allegedly John Michael Copper, a photographer from Las Vegas, who in 2001 that started the trend of Trash The Dress. The essence of Trash the Dress is a style of bridal photography that contrasts the elegance of the wedding dress with an environment that is out of place and is generally shot in the style of fashion or glamour photography. Initially the most popular location for these photo shoots was a beach, but over time that has progressed to the likes of fields, city streets and abandoned buildings. As the word "trash" implies it is common for the wedding dress to be ruined in the process of getting wet, dirty or even torn and sometimes completely destroyed. Before long this craze crossed the Atlantic and hit the shores of the United Kingdom and in typical British style we claimed it as our own, re-naming it Rock Your Frock.
Collaboration With Brooke Hagel: My Life Illustrated
July 7 2014
Over the last six months it has become very clear in my mind how I want to promote myself as a fashion inspired bridal photographer; who I want my future Brides to be and what I want to do for them. Therefore I felt it was time to completely re-design the About page to reflect these changes.
Warehouse Fashion Shooters: Featured
July 1 2014
Today I am super excited to share with you an update since I posted about my experience of winning the Warehouse Fashion Shooters competition were I photographed the 13th image for their SS14 campaign and was mentored by Super Model turned photographer Helena Christensen.
Portraiture: BeSophro
June 26 2014
When my fellow Athena member and dear friend Dominique asked me to photograph her and help create an image that would be used on her new website, I didn't hesitate and said yes straight away. Not only is Dominique an inspiring business woman but she is also a beautiful woman inside and out.