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Bridal Shoot: More Show Than Tell
October 3 2014
The reason why I love photography so much is because it allows me to express myself in the most natural way I know how. With the help of my camera I am able to think of an idea and make it become a reality. An idea I recently had was to portray the stylish, unique and imaginative array of options the wedding industry has to offer and by doing so, reassuring brides that they don't have to go with the status-quo when it comes to choosing a wedding dress and accessories.
Fashionista Bride: Featured In Wedding
September 19 2014
I'm super excited that one of my fabulous Fashionista Bride's is featured in the current issue of Wedding saying yes to fashion-forward wedding dress styles and championing my Fashionista Bride shoot.
Portraiture: Goddess Acumen
July 18 2014
After photographing my fellow Athena member Dominique Antiglio of Bespohro, word got around our networking group and I was asked by Helen Johnson of Goddess Acumen to create a new profile for her website and social media accounts too. What I love about photographing fellow female entrepreneurs is that not only do I get the chance to work my magic and make them look and feel like the best versions of themselves, but also I get to learn all about their fabulous businesses.
Trash The Dress v’s Fashionista Bride
July 7 2014
It was allegedly John Michael Copper, a photographer from Las Vegas, who in 2001 that started the trend of Trash The Dress. The essence of Trash the Dress is a style of bridal photography that contrasts the elegance of the wedding dress with an environment that is out of place and is generally shot in the style of fashion or glamour photography. Initially the most popular location for these photo shoots was a beach, but over time that has progressed to the likes of fields, city streets and abandoned buildings. As the word "trash" implies it is common for the wedding dress to be ruined in the process of getting wet, dirty or even torn and sometimes completely destroyed. Before long this craze crossed the Atlantic and hit the shores of the United Kingdom and in typical British style we claimed it as our own, re-naming it Rock Your Frock.