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Her Lovely Heart: The Importance Of Feeding Creativity With A Time Out
January 16 2015
In the conclusion of my last guest blog post for Her Lovely Heart, about managing your business while traveling, I mentioned how important it is to take some downtime to rest your mind and body, but to also replenish your creativity. I strongly believe it is very important for all creatives to fill them selves up from the inside out, so that they have more than enough energy to do what they do best - create.
Mirror mirror on the wall …
January 9 2015
New year resolutions baffle me to say the least, particularly when it comes to self-image. Why wait for a new year to create a new you? In fact, why create a new you in the first place?
Addy & Ash’s Wedding: This Is What Love Looks Like
November 3 2014
For me a wedding is a passionate commitment fueled by love. But what is love? Philosophers, poets and musicians have been trying to describe it for centuries, but still the answer remains elusive, as it means so many different things to many different people. The Oxford Dictionary says: "It is a strong feeling of affection." But, for me and hopefully many others reading my posts, surely it is more than that?
Her Lovely Heart: How To Manage Your Business While Travelling
October 23 2014
Today I am happy to share with you my second guest blog post for Her Lovely Heart, a resource which aims to inspire and encourage photographers and other artists in the pursuit of running their own businesses.