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Live Life Like Everyday Is Your Birthday
February 13 2015
Today is my favourite day of the year, as it is my birthday! The one day of the year when you should be extra grateful for the gift of life and all the blessings in your life. But just imagine the positive effect this gratitude could have if practised daily ?
Unapologetically Happy
February 6 2015
You're the only one who has to approve of your life and the style in which you choose to live it, but tradition, society, peer-pressure and the media etc, have us believing we will be happier once we have a desirable body, the perfect partner, our ideal home, a picture perfect family and our dream job that pays a six figure salary. However, it is not these goals that make you happy, it is the feeling of being desired, loved, safe, needed and successful that make you happy.
Focus On Your Greatness
January 23 2015
When we feel good about ourselves, we gain clarity and make better choices. When we make better choices, our lives inevitably turn out for the best.
Her Lovely Heart: The Importance Of Feeding Creativity With A Time Out
January 16 2015
In the conclusion of my last guest blog post for Her Lovely Heart, about managing your business while traveling, I mentioned how important it is to take some downtime to rest your mind and body, but to also replenish your creativity. I strongly believe it is very important for all creatives to fill them selves up from the inside out, so that they have more than enough energy to do what they do best - create.